Solver independent

Analysis set manager
The analysis set manager in Simcenter Femap allows you to store solver setup data with your models, so you don’t need to complete numerous dialog boxes each time you edit your model and create a new analysis input file. The sets can also be saved in a library for use with other models.

Multiple solver support
Simcenter Femap provides in-depth, high-quality support for industry standard solvers, including the popular and proven Simcenter NASTRAN, MSC NASTRAN, Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, MSC.Marc, ADINA, and TMG.
Simcenter Femap provides the ability to re-use and integrate analysis models from legacy data as well as from customers and suppliers. The complete Simcenter Femap element library, with comprehensive support of physical and material definitions, takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of these solvers, including dynamic, geometric and material nonlinear, heat transfer and fluid flow applications.


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