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  • Simcenter Femap v2401 Release

    Simcenter Femap is a FEA pre-/postprocessor for robust modeling and meshing, interoperability with popular solvers, and ease-of-use. The latest release of Simcenter Femap 2401 continues this trend by introducing key features and updates to enhance your productivity and collaboration, streamline your modeling processes for geometry, meshing, analysis, and postprocessing.

    Main highlights of Simcenter Femap 2401 are listed below.

  • Shop for Simcenter Femap Online

    Simcenter Femap is now one of the Siemens products available on the Siemens Digital Exchange (SDEX) for purchase directly from the Siemens Online Stores. Siemens Digital Exchange (SDEX) is an E-Commerce Marketplace that provides Siemens and others the ability to market, sell, and deploy products as Software as a Service (SaaS). Shopping for Femap products on the Shop By Store web page is a typical online shopping experience, but in the PLM Store.

  • 2024 FEA Training Online Sessions

    Under 2024 we are happy to offer a number of different FEA Training Sessions. However, all those courses are online and on demand training sessions. The classes can also be arranged at the customer site as the customer specific lectures with customer specific examples. For detailed information please contact us using info@femcomp.se

  • Simcenter FEMAP kostnadsfri test med utbildning

    Under hela 2024 erbjuder vi en kostnadsfri utbildning för alla som vill testa Simcenter FEMAP. Utvärdering av Simcenter FEMAP paketet är kostnadsfri och varar upp till 30 dagar när det passar dig.

    Mer information kan fås via info@femcomp.se

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