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FEA Software

  • Simcenter Femap

    Simcenter Femap is recognized as the world’s leading CAD-independent pre- and post-processor for engineering finite element analysis (FEA). It provides analysts with an FEA modelling solution to handle even the most complex tasks easily, accurately and affordably.

  • Simcenter Nastran

    Simcenter Nastran - general purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver capable to simulate and solve a broad range of engineering problems in many different industries. Simcenter Femap with Nastran package seamlessly combines the advanced functionality of windows-native Femap pre and post processor with the powerfull Simcenter Nastran solver.

  • Femap TMG Thermal/Flow

    Femap Thermal/Flow - a comprehensive heat transfer and flow simulation suite of multi-physics solvers fully integrated into Femap. Femap TMG Thermal/Flow is available under the following license options: Femap Thermal, Femap Advanced Thermal and Femap Flow.

    Femap Thermal solver includes both the transient and steady-state thermal analysis capabilities required to solve the majority of common engineering problems while Femap Flow provides a comprehensive 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution. Both fully integrated within Femap pre-/post-processor.

  • SDC Verifier

    SDC Verifier or the Structural Design Code Verifier is a powerful postprocessor extension for FEA software suite Siemcenter Femap™, Simcenter and Ansys which automates the full FEA workflow.

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