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Femap TMG Thermal/Flow

Femap Thermal/Flow - a comprehensive heat transfer and flow simulation suite of multi-physics solvers fully integrated into Femap. Femap TMG Thermal/Flow is available under the following license options: Femap Thermal, Femap Advanced Thermal and Femap Flow.

Femap Thermal solver includes both the transient and steady-state thermal analysis capabilities required to solve the majority of common engineering problems.

Solver Basic capabilities include the modelling of the following properties:

  • Coupled conduction, convection, and radiation
  • Thermal couplings for disjoint parts and assemblies including nonlinear thermal contact modeling
  • Multiple radiation view factor calculation methods including the Hemicube method using graphics hardware
  • Thermostats and heater modeling
  • Temperature-dependent material properties, with phase change
  • Time-dependent boundary conditions Axisymmetric thermal analysis
  • Mapping and axisymmetric mapping of temperature and transverse heat gradient results to another thermal, flow, or structural model

Femap Thermal provides a range of thermal boundary conditions, solver controls and thermal modelling tools for assemblies. This thermal coupling capability allows users to create paths for heat to flow between parts in large, complex assemblies.

Femap Advanced Thermal

Femap Advanced Thermal adds many advanced thermal and fluid flow modelling capabilities to the Femap Thermal package. For example, fluid duct flow modelling includes coupled convection and fluid flow analysis.

An extensive set of tools for advanced radiation and spacecraft modelling includes:

  • Active heater controllers
  • Advanced thermo-optical properties
  • Monte Carlo and advanced radiation options
  • Solar heating
  • Radiative heat sources
  • Ablation and charring modeling
  • Convection thermal couplings
  • Articulation and transient motion
  • Peltier coolers, Joule heating, and electrical coupling
  • Hydraulic duct networks
  • Open architecture: user subroutines

Femap Advanced Thermal also includes advanced solver features such as custom user subroutines, model simplification, sub structuring and interfaces to industry thermal codes.

Femap Flow

Femap Flow provides a comprehensive 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution fully integrated within Femap. When combined with Femap Advanced Thermal, it solves a wide range of multi-physics problems that involve fluid flow and heat transfer. Both low speed and high-speed compressible flows can be modelled. The Femap Flow solver uses an efficient and robust element-based finite volume, multi-grid solver to compute 3D fluid velocity, temperature and pressure for both steady-state and transient applications.

Solver capabilities are as follows: 

  • Incompressible and compressible flow
  • Turbulent, laminar and mixed flow
  • Internal and external fluid flows
  • Unstructured fluid meshes
  • Automatic connection between disjoint fluid meshes for CFD
  • Inlets, openings, fans, vents, screens, baffles, flow surfaces, and porous blockages
  • Linear and nonlinear flow boundary conditions
  • Time-dependent and spatially-varying boundary conditions
  • Moving and multiple rotating frames of reference
  • Mixing planes
  • Cyclic symmetry and periodic boundary conditions
  • High speed flows
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • Transport of species
  • Hydraulic duct networks including 1D to 3D fluid domain connections
  • Humidity, condensation, and evaporation modeling
  • Active fan controllers
  • Two-phase, immiscible fluid modeling

For more detailed information please download the below Femap Thermal/Flow Fact Sheets and contact us using info@femcomp.se

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