FEMComp Engineering AB - Swedish IT Company was founded in 1994 by Dr Tadeusz Chmielewski in connection to distribution of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software FEMAP  in Sweden and Poland. In 2012 the Company became Midas IT Business Partner in connection to distribution of the mechanical FEA solution package midas NFX. Since the summer 2017 we are Partners to Design Simulation Technologies, DST in connection to distribution of SimWise4D software for motion simulation, stress analysis and optimization in Scandinavia and Poland. From 2019 we are working with ADINA R&D, Inc. in connection to distribution of ADINA System in all Nordic Countries.

  • Business History

    FEMComp Engineering AB

    The Swedish IT Company FEMComp Engineeirng AB was founded in 1994 by Dr Tadeusz Chmielewski in connection to distribution and support of the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software FEMAP in Sweden och Poland. During the summer 1999 FEMComp extended the range of the products...

  • FEA Services

    FEMComp Engineering AB provides a wide range of services. We’re focusing on our Customer’s satisfaction and safety providing any efforts to give all necessary support directly at the start of initial usage of the purchased software. We provide three types of services.

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