FEA Services

Our Services

FEMComp Engineering AB provides a wide range of services. We’re focusing on our Customer’s satisfaction and safety providing any efforts to give all necessary support directly at the start of initial usage of the purchased software. We provide three types of services:

Technical Support

All Customers get the opportunity to meet a Maintenance and Support Agreement with us, MSA, which gives them rights to use our services connected to "on-line" technical help and program support. All technical program enhancements and corrections, technical support and all new program updated releases are free for Customers with valid MSA.

Training and Seminars

We arrange Training and Introductory Courses for our Customers. The current course schedule is always published on the website. On-site courses at the Customer Location are also available. Generally, in connection to major program releases, we arrange Upgrade Seminars and Presentations where you have opportunity to go through all program news, capabilities and enhancements. These meetings are always open for everyone, who is interested in our programs and services.

Stress Analysis Consulting

We are able to help our Customers to solve different design problems providing the high-technical Stress Analysis Consulting services. For solutions of such problems we usually use our software like FEMAP, NASTRAN, ADINA and midas NFX/MeshFree. If you are interested of our consultancy services please contact us for further information.

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