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Simcenter Femap v2406 Release

Simcenter Femap is a FEA pre-/postprocessor for robust modeling and meshing, interoperability with popular solvers, and ease-of-use. The latest release of Simcenter Femap 2406 continues this trend by introducing key features and updates to enhance your productivity and collaboration, streamline your modeling processes for geometry, meshing, analysis, and postprocessing.

Main changes and enhancements made to Femap for version 2406 are listed below and described in detail in the attached Femap readme.pdf file.
•    Teamcenter Integration
•    Layup Builder Enhancements
•    Import of Abaqus Output Requests
•    Define Text in 3D Model Space
•    Support for Rigid Elements RROD and RBAR
•    Bulk entry changes - Incompressible Fluid Options
•    Read Aero Results from the op2 File
•    Meshing Toolbox Enhancements
•    Dockable Panes
•    Nastran Modal Analysis Solver Defaults

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