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Simcenter Femap 2306 Release

Simcenter Femap is a versatile FEA pre-/postprocessor for robust modeling and meshing, interoperability with popular solvers, and ease-of-use. The latest release of Simcenter Femap 2306 continues this trend by introducing key features and updates to enhance your productivity and collaboration, streamline your modeling processes for geometry, meshing, analysis, and postprocessing.


Main highlights of Simcenter Femap 2306 include

  • New support for Simcenter Nastran Rotor Dynamics solution
  • New meshing capabilities including element addition and removal during solves
  • New postprocessing capabilities like computed vectors that help you get more data than what a solver can provide

Please also Read the blog for more details about news and enhancements from Simcenter Femap 2306.


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