NX Nastran Multistep Nonlinear Solver

The latest version of Femap v12 supports the new NX™ Nastran® Multistep Nonlinear solver which enables you to analyze models with nonlinearity from contacting parts, material property nonlinearities and/or geometric nonlinearities (like large deformations and large strains). This solution is an add-on module of NX Nastran – Basic Nonlinear package.

The Multistep Nonlinear license provides access to both the SOL 401 Multistep Nonlinear solver and the SOL 402 Multistep Nonlinear Kinematic solver. Both use nonlinear implicit methods based on similar formulations. With multistep capability, users can step through different types of solutions all in one solution run. For example, you can apply bolt preloads with contact definitions in the first step, follow with a set of service loads in the next step, and then compute modes about the deformed loaded condition in still another step. More information in the bellow brochure.

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