midas NFX 2023R1 Released

midas NFX 2023R1 is released. The midas NFX bundle provides complete integration/linked analysis of structure/heat/fluid/optimization using a single model in a single work environment and a familiar environment for designers and technology through a windows based GUI.

The major updates and enhancements of 2023R1 version are listed below.

midas NFX 2023R1 Major Updates

  • CAD Interface update
  • Addition of CFD table function and data processing items
  • Addition of automatic function generation feature
  • Addition of 2D Element seed regeneration feature
  • Addition of shape element connection feature
  • Stabilization of Parasolid kernel and Auto Meshing
  • Addition of flow analysis monitoring shape variables
  • Update of design spectrum to the latest version
  • Other improvements

A live presentation of news from midas NFX 2023R1 can be seen from Introduction of Key features of midas NFX 2023R

For more details, please refer to the midas NFX 2023R1 Release Note.


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