FEMAP FEA "On-Line" Education and Support. Two categories of software support are presented:

  • FEMAP Real FEA Made Easy Series based on our FEMAP experience
  • FEMAP Tips & Tricks Series created by other FEMAP Experts
  • FEMAP Real FEA Made Easy

    Welcome to FEMAP Real FEA Made Easy Series!

    In these series we would like to share with you our FEMAP experience giving you some hints to perform Real FEA on the easy way. More information available by femapsupport@femcomp.se

  • FEMAP Tips &Tricks

    Welcome to FEMAP Tips & Tricks!

    Please find below a number of FEMAP tips and tricks found by "users for users" for efficient and smart FEA modelling. Do you have or use your own tips and tricks, please send them to femapsupport@femcomp.se and we will publish them on this site. 

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