FEMAP 2019.1 Released

Simcenter FEMAP 2019.1 software is now being released on a biannual schedule in April and October, beginning with version 2019.1. The software is now referred to as Simcenter Femap to reflect that it is a part of the Simcenter portfolio of Siemens CAE products. The latest release provides a variety of improvements that will improve your productivity across the simulation workflow.

The latest version introduces:

  • Automatic generation of pyramid elements to transition from portion of the model meshed with hex elements to portions of the model meshed with tetrahedral elements
  • A new Select Visible icon button has been added to the standard entity selection dialog box to facilitate selection of only items which are currently visible in the active view
  • For those performing Aerodynamic Flutter analysis with Simcenter Nastran or MSC Nastran, FEMAP 2019.1 now supports import of displacement results of the aero mesh on the aero panels from the printed results file
  • Libraries now allow the user to specify a Personal library and/or a Shared library, or use entities included in the Femap Standard Libraries 
  • The ability to sweep line elements into planar elements or planar elements into solid elements by following the edges of elements which constitute a mapped mesh, even if non-uniform. 

Complete details of the new features and bug fixes in Simcenter FEMAP 2019.1 (as well as all releases back to v10.0) can be found in the /pdf/readme.pdf file that is installed with FEMAP 2019.1. A summary of news and enhancements offered by is also listed in the below brochure Improving simulation productivity

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